How to Turn Fat-Storing Cells
Into Fat-Burning Ones!

Groundbreaking Research Reveals a NEW Way To Melt Pounds and Inches

Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D, CNS

By Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., C.N.S. and New York Times Bestselling Author of 35+ books

Try something.

Place your hand on your stomach and pinch the area directly to the left or right of your belly button.

Feel that? You’re pinching white fat cells.

As you may know, white fat cells are where our bodies store liquid fat. Over time (especially as we age) that stored fat adds up as jiggly pounds on our tummies, hips, legs, and arms.

In addition to white fat cells, your body also contains brown fat cells. And this is where things get really exciting if you’re trying to shed a few pounds.

Unlike white fat cells which store fat, brown fat cells burn fat. They’re what’s known as highly metabolically active cells.

And studies show the healthier and more numerous your brown fat cells, the easier it is for you to reach and maintain a healthy weight.

But here’s the problem

Adults have very low numbers of brown fat cells. So most of us are missing out on their fat-burning power.

For years, scientists thought it was impossible to increase your number of brown fat cells.

But that changed recently when a team of scientists discovered how to turn fat-storing white cells into fat-burning brown cells!

Scientists discovered that bile (a digestive fluid made by your liver) triggers something called the TGR5 receptor in white fat cells. (1)

This TGR5 receptor acts like a switch that turns white fat cells into fat-burning brown cells. Amazing!

“When bile concentration in the blood reaches a certain level”, says Dr. Kristina Schoonjans, who worked on this study, “it turns up the body’s thermostat and increases fat burning for energy.”

Unfortunately, as we get older our liver starts producing less and less bile. And the bile it does produce tends to be thick and congested.

And that means many women over 50 aren’t producing enough bile to turn their white fat cells into fat-burning brown cells.

But here’s good news:

Bile Builder is a proven way to build better bile.

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“I’ve been using Bile Builder for the past year and have not changed what I’ve been eating”, says Barbara W. “I could not be happier! Have gone from size 16 to size 8 and sometimes a 6!”

“No more stomach woes after eating”, says Debra Y. “My stomach stays flat. I love Bile Builder!”

Bile Builder is a powerful bile-boosting formulation of six nutrients designed to work together to increase the health and flow of your bile.

These six nutrients are:

500 mg


(as choline bitartrate)

This essential nutrient helps your body digest fat so you can use it as energy.

(30X) 50 mg

Lipase Enzyme
An enzyme that supports healthy digestion helping your body break down and absorb dietary fat.

100 mg

Ox Bile Extract
Provides essential bile salts for those with low bile production or without gallbladders. Bile deficiency is especially common for
people over 60.

100 mg

Beet Root

(Beta vulgaris)

A rich source of the plant compound betaine which helps thin the bile and prevent the formation of gallstones.

60 mg


(Collinsonia canadensis)

An ancient herb traditionally used to remove gallstones and prevent constipation that can result from bile salt supplementation.

250 mg

This amino acid aids in detoxification, promotes increased bile acid production and reduces cholesterol levels in the blood and liver.

100% Satisfaction | 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Together, these six nutrients are designed to give you better bile production and flow so you can activate your brown fat cells to melt off pounds and inches.

But that’s not the only way Bile Builder can help you slim. Because…

Better bile means a healthier thyroid
and faster metabolism, too!

Here’s how it works:

When bile breaks down dietary fat, your body releases an enzyme called deiodinase. Deiodinase helps convert the thyroid hormone T4 into the active hormone T3.

That’s important because T3 is like the “fuel” that fires up your metabolism.

In fact, a study led by thyroid specialist Dr. Antonio Bianco found that people who improve their bile health boosted metabolism by an astounding 53 percent!

So if your metabolism has slowed down or stalled, Bile Builder can be a great way to rev it up and get the scales moving in the right direction again.

And that’s not all…

4 more health benefits of bile

Yes, improving your bile health can accelerate weight loss by increasing your brown fat cells and revving your metabolism.

But in addition to easier weight loss, studies show bile supports your health in some pretty amazing ways. For example:

  1. Bile supports healthy, gentle digestion by breaking down fats…
  2. Bile helps absorb fat-soluble vitamins A, E, D, and K…
  3. Bile helps purify your body of toxins, heavy metals, and excess hormones…
  4. And bile boosts immunity by stimulating the gut immune system (a whopping 70% of your immune system is in your gut!)…

Customer Reviews

What customers are saying about Bile Builder

“Bile Builder has made all the difference for me on a daily basis. No more heartburn. So much less bloating. Life changing!”

– Stephanie H.

Portrait of Stephanie H.
Portrait of Ron T.

“After having my gallbladder removed, digesting fatty food or oils was difficult. Bile Builder has greatly helped my body to process these foods better.”

– Ron T.

“I had a lot of digestive problems in the past. Bile Builder is one of the things I now use to find a balance. Very grateful. Remember it can take time. I decided to give Bile Builder at least 6 months and so glad I did.”

– Sharon G.

Portrait of Sharon G.

Does your bile need a boost?

When you’re young, your liver churns out plenty of healthy, free-flowing bile.

But as you get older, your liver starts producing less and less bile. And the bile it does make is thick, sluggish, and congested with heavy metals and other toxins.

Based on my research, up to 80% of women over 50 have thick, congested bile — and it’s causing them to miss out on a lot of great health benefits.

If you have two or more of the symptoms below, poor-quality bile may be affecting your metabolism and your ability to lose weight

How can you tell if your bile needs a boost?

If you have two or more of the symptoms below, poor-quality bile may be affecting your metabolism and your ability to lose weight:

Bloating, gas, or digestive discomfort (especially after a fatty meal)

Insomnia or middle-of-the-night sleep disturbances

Radiating leg pain

Pain between the shoulder blades or under the rib cage

Grey- or light-colored stool


Truth is, most of us don’t give our bile health a second thought.

But we should! And I believe Bile Builder is the easiest way to quickly build better bile.

If you’re ready for easier weight loss, better digestion, and more energy, I urge you to claim your own supply of Bile Builder now!

I believe anyone over 50 (or anyone, of any age, who wants easier weight loss and better digestion) will benefit from trying Bile Builder.

You’ve probably noticed how everything from groceries to cars is more expensive these days.

But I don’t want anything — certainly not price — to stop you from experiencing Bile Builder for yourself.

So I’ve worked with my friends at UNI KEY Health to make this amazing product as affordable as possible.

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That’s about $1.45 a day — less than you’d pay for a cheap cup of coffee!

And a small price to pay for easier weight loss, better digestion, more energy, and better head-to-toe health.

You’ll save even more money with our 3-Month Bile Builder Savings Pack. The 3-month supply is $117.33, an instant savings of 10%! Plus, you’ll also get FREE shipping & handling.

Personally, I believe the 3-Month Bile Builder Savings Pack is the best value. But the choice is yours.

And whatever you choose, your order is backed by our 100% Satisfaction 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee. So you risk nothing when you try Bile Builder today.

100% Satisfaction | 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Right now, you have billions of white fat cells in your tummy, hips, legs, arms, and backside storing fat.

Imagine how much faster and easier weight loss will be once you’ve turned those fat-storing white fat cells into fat-torching brown fat cells!

You can.

Because we now know that boosting your bile production can help you lose weight by increasing your number of brown fat cells.

What’s more, boosting your bile production can also mean better digestion, more energy (because you’ll be absorbing more nutrients from your food), less gas, bloating, and digestive discomfort, and so much more.

That’s what’s possible for you with Bile Builder and why I urge you to give it a try today.

And remember:

Your order is backed by a 100% Satisfaction 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee. So you risk nothing when you say “Yes” to trying Bile Builder now.

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But a quick heads up:

Bile Builder is the #1 best-seller at UNI KEY Health.

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“Oh what a difference Bile Builder has made. Wow, just ordered my second bottle. I am feeling so much better! I finally have energy, the bloated feeling went away, I can move. My whole metabolism changed for the better!”

– Renate N.

Every purchase protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, return it within 90 days for a full refund. You only pay return shipping.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

† Real life customer experience; individual results vary.

Scientific references

1. Laura A. Velazquez-Villegas, Alessia Perino, Vera Lemos, Marika Zietak, Mitsunori Nomura, Thijs Willem Hendrik Pols, Kristina Schoonjans. TGR5 signalling promotes mitochondrial fission and beige remodelling of white adipose tissue. Nature Communications, 2018