This Little-Known Nutrient
Boosts Memory by Melting Brain Plaques

Improves focus and thinking speed, too!

Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D, CNS

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By Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., C.N.S. and New York Times Bestselling Author of 35+ books

If your brain seems sluggish, spacey, and more forgetful, then this may be the most exciting news you’ve heard in ages.

Because scientists recently discovered how an overlooked nutrient can help stop and even reverse symptoms of brain decline.

Here’s the story.

First, researchers put together a group of patients who were all suffering from symptoms like forgetfulness, brain fog, and trouble staying focused.

Next, researchers had these patients undergo a specialized type of PET scan (positron emission tomography) to detect the presence of beta-amyloid in their brains.

As you may know, beta-amyloid is a damaging protein that can build up in your brain, especially as you age.

As beta-amyloid builds up in your brain, it triggers brain inflammation, exposes your brain to memory-ravaging oxidative stress, and destroys neurons, the cells your brain uses to process information.

When it comes to brain health beta-amyloid is public enemy #1

And in this study, all patients showed evidence of beta-amyloid.

So researchers gave patients 300 mg of a certain brain-protecting nutrient for 18 months. And what happened next was truly impressive.

At the end of the 18 month study, every single patient showed a significant reduction in their brain decline symptoms.

They were able to recall names and facts easier; they were able to solve puzzles and crosswords faster; and they reported greater mental clarity and focus.

In fact, patients demonstrated an average 19% improvement in brain function at the end of the study. All from taking a single nutrient! (1)

So what is this nutrient that can improve your brain health and function by nearly 20%?

It’s called benfotiamine.

Benfotiamine is a derivative of thiamine (vitamin B1) that works, in part, by helping to dissolve amyloid-beta build up in the brain.

That’s great news. Because as you’ve seen, amyloid-beta build up is one of the major triggers of brain decline.

When I saw the research on what benfotiamine can do, I knew I had to make it a key ingredient in our upgraded brain health supplement, Ultra H-3 Plus.

Ultra H-3 Plus by UNI KEY Health

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That’s why I custom-formulated Ultra H-3 Plus

If you want a faster, sharper, healthier brain, benfotiamine is a great place to start.

And a single serving of Ultra H-3 Plus gives you a therapeutic dosage of 100mg of brain-boosting benfotiamine.

But we didn’t stop there.

Because in addition to the study-backed dosage of benfotiamine we included in Ultra H-3 Plus, we also included 11 other brain-boosting nutrients.

100 mg

Phosphatidylserine Complex

(with Organic Soy Fiber)

A 12-week clinical trial shows that supplementing with phosphatidylserine complex improves both short- and long-term memory. (2)

60 mg

Green Tea Extract

(50% EGCG)

A study of people aged 70 or older shows that green tea extract may help improve cognitive function. (3)

50 mg


(para-amino benzoic acid)

This remarkable “youthifying” compound promotes healthy brain function, cools inflammation, relieves joint pain, and can even restore original color to gray hair. (4)

50 mg

DMAE Bitartrate

Amazingly, DMAE helps rid the body of lipofuscin, the “aging pigment” that causes liver spots on the backs of hands. (5)

40 mg

Ginkgo biloba Extract

This ancient remedy supports good blood circulation in the brain, protecting the brain from neuronal damage and improving cognitive function.

7 mg


By improving blood circulation, vinpocetine increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the brain, helping reduce “brain fatigue”.

25 mg

Bilberry Extract

Used for medicinal purposes since the Middle Ages, recent studies show bilberry extract may improve vision, heart health, and brain function in older adults.

5 mg


Better known as vitamin B3, every part of your body needs this powerhouse nutrient to function properly.

50 mcg

Calcium 5-MTHF Pure

(Calcium L-Methylhydrofolate)

This important mineral is needed to form healthy cells, especially red blood cells.

40 mcg


This vitamin helps your body convert food into energy and also promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails.

20 mcg

Huperzine A

Extracted from a plant called Chinese club moss, huperzine A helps enhance memory and learning, and protect against age-related memory problems.

100% Satisfaction 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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